Computer and Cyber Crime Professional

Howest solves the problem of there being too few cybersecurity specialists.

SnapChat, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Yahoo! … just a small selection of companies which recently dealt with cybercrime. Never has the demand for security specialists been so great.

As a Computer & Cyber Crime Professional you are trained in state-of-the-art cybersecurity, cybercrime and cyberwarfare technologies. You are skilled in both the attacking and defensive aspects of cybercrime and it goes without saying that legislation is also discussed.

Offensive security
You will learn to think as an attacker but furthermore you will be enabled to test the security of your own systems based on newly learned techniques and tools. Do not wait for someone else to discover the weak link in your defence instead look for it yourself!

Defensive security
Be in control of your data! Learn how to protect systems and networks from all kinds of outsider threats. Have data been leaked … no worries, seeing you are also adept at protecting your data through cryptography.

Good knowledge of the relevant laws is of course essential for a cybercrime specialist. In addition to your practical skills, you will also be able to coordinate security within your organization thanks to your thorough knowledge of security issues, security and risk assessment, security frameworks, …

!New in this course!
Practical Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis: Learn all about analysing the latest viruses and malware. This subject goes beyond the theory and gives you hands-on experience thanks to specially developed samples.

Do you already have a computer science degree and do you wish to specialize in cyber security? This is possible thanks to our CCCP @ home training!

**The Computer & Cyber Crime Professional programme is supported by the Cyber Security Coalition Non-profit Organisation.**

More details about this course at the official Howest website.